The Minister of Information and Communications Technology said that so far, four to five Cryptocurrency test models have been implemented and decision making in this area for their activities with the central bank.

 According to the Public Relations Department of the Monetary and Banking Research Intitution, Mohammad-Javad Azari-Jahromi, on the sidelines of the 8th Annual Conference on Electronic Banking and Payment Systems, told reporters about disconnecting SIM cards sending interrupting SMS, and he said: "The new regulatory system, which was launched to identify intrusive SMS, since installation, detected and interrupted 8500 active SIM cards."
He added: "The average of the following days has reached about 500 SIM cards and is decreasing day by day, and a total of 9,000 SIM cards have been discontinued so far."
According to the Minister for Information and Communications, the monitoring shows that the transmission of these intruder SMSs has fallen by about 90 percent, while complaints have also been drastically reduced, although they are still not complete, but the Ministry of Communications is steadily trying to make them zero.
Azari-Jahromi also responded to the question of the Central Bank's approach to Blockchain and its resistance to adopt the Blockchain: "Blackchain essence is decentralized and distributed, however the Central Bank is the centralized institution for regulating banking, so Blockchain is structurally in conflict with the Central Bank. And we cannot expect the central bank to promote it, but the central bank should find its way to its new engagement with this structure, and what it refers to as the Central Bank's resistance to Blockchain may not be the correct word." 
He continued: When the Central Bank holds a Blockchain conference, it puts it as a challenge, means its approach is good and positive.
Referring to the design of a number of Iranian Cryptocurrencies, the Minister of Information and Communications said: "Regarding the use of these instruments, the Central Bank should comment, but technologically, there are currently four or five prototype models implemented and decision making in this area is the responsibility of the Central Bank, which now publishes its initial approach on its website and gives an overview of the industry's activists."
Azari-Jahromi said about the possibility of removing the telegram filter: "Telegram should be decided on by the judiciary system, and the last comment we heard was that the prosecutor's office announced that the causes of the filtering had not yet been resolved.